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Thank you for visiting my online office. Please come back as often as you would like.
While you are here, I hope you discover that you are not alone in your search for God,
and that you remember who you are "in His eyes."
Feel free to listen to Laura, Michelle, Mindy and Sara's inspiring music - messages of forgiveness, hope and healing...
to explore ideas that might be of interest to you on your own journey...and to learn how you can contact me,
if it would be helpful for you to have a traveling companion along the way.
with Love, Kate
The music you're listening to is playing in a new
window and will play while you browse the website. Musicians are:

"Blessings" © Laura Story
"Unfallen" © Michelle Armstrong
"In His Eyes" © Mindy Jostyn
"Forgive" © Sara Renner
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