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"We are hungry for Love,
for the white-winged charity that heals and saves..."

- Mary Baker Eddy

Kate Robertson is certain that Love heals, and she ministers from a deep desire to let others know that they are not alone in their moments of questioning, darkness, doubt, regret, fear, or their search for Love...the Love that is God. For her, the practice of spiritual healing is not, primarily, about fixing people or their problems. For Kate, spiritual healing is about wholeness. It is about salvation and forgiveness. It is about remembering who you are in His...God's...eyes, which very naturally brings healing and transformation.

Kate, herself, was forever changed when Christian Science helped her find lasting freedom from a decade of chronic illness and self-destructive behaviors. She decided to leave a satisfying career in education to explore how she was healed spiritually. Kate found new direction for her life's purpose through the study of, and advanced instruction in, Christian Science. She then opened an office in her community as a Christian Science practitioner.

For nearly three decades, Kate has helped others discover how to make this spiritual law of Love practical. Through her writing, and work with individuals, families, and organizations around the world, she hopes to broaden the global availability of spiritual healing.

Kate and her family make their home high in the Rocky Mountains on a small bird sanctuary lake in Buena Vista, Colorado. Together, she and her husband Jeff are blessed with five children, three grandchildren, and a wonderful circle of extended family, colleagues and friends.

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Kate is the author of Water Like a Stone, a compilation of essays she donated to Stonewater Press for publication. These essays chronicle chapters from her own spiritual journey, which she hopes will assure others that they are never alone in theirs. At Kate's request, the publisher re-directs her entire author royalties to non-profit organizations that serve the spiritual needs of women and children, and bring hope and healing to communities in Africa.

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